February 28, 2006

cigarette stealing

Get ready for a funny observance. It's 9am this morning, and raining hard. I decide to wear my rainboots- functional and stylish. The trolley stop is about 3-4 blocks away so I ran through the streets. People around me are dodging puddles, I'm stepping right into them. I feel like a carefree little kid.

I arrive at the stop and stand next to a homeless man with a hole in his sweatshirt with rain dripping in. I'm pretty sure he's cold and irritated. The trolley is on its way and you can hear its horn a little off. The man looks anxious. He darts across the tracks to the other side and grabs a cigarette right out of the mouth of a lady... and he darts back to our side, narrowly missing the trolley. Before the trolley blocked my view of her, I saw her jaw wide open, realizing she had her cigarette stolen right out of her mouth. He smoked it and looked back at her.

I have never heard of such a thing. How much do cigarettes cost? That someone would risk their life and steal one from the lady across the tracks.

I saw it live.

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