June 22, 2006

on my mind.

One day there's going to be this coffee shop called Just Cause Coffee Co. It'll be in a major city- perhaps Portland, Seattle, Boston, NYC, even San Diego. A warehouse style establishment, with brick walls and super high ceilings, with a sizeable stage in the back corner. It'd be non-profit with ALL profits going to social injustice around the world, not just to the organizations, but to actually sending people to be the hands to help. On the walls would be large photos of real people, supported by the shop, serving needs around the world. The employees could work 10 months and go serve 2 months of the year. The coffee and tea mugs would be from actual locations around the world. The tables could have shadow box letters and artifacts from around the world. There would be poetry slams, concerts, and art shows, all benefitting a designated cause. Organizations and individuals could come together in this place. M's could come off the field and recharge, perform spoken word about their experience, encourage supporters, etc. Prayerfully, all operating costs would be given by supporters with the idea that good stewardship of a small amount, can be multiplied into profits for legitimate needs. I'm excited about this one day happening.

I have much more on my mind, but I need to head to bed. More thoughts soon.

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