August 10, 2006

overwhelming joy

I met my team! And they're great! I'm not just saying that because some of them mentioned liking my 'blog'. It's true, I love the different strengths they bring to the table and look forward to great friendships with them. We had dinner together as a team, guessed each others middle names (Mikayla is a 'Jo' too!) and talked about past travels. We laughed, shared our hearts and I think simultaneously realized that we've been going the same process together, seperately.
We sang together and it was beautiful to hear the voices of a bunch of 20-somethings crying out in absolute abandonment. I'm pretty tired, but I plan on resting well tonight. I pretty much met my family for next year. We laughed saying that we'll know every freckle on each other's's the 8 of us together everyday for a year. Wow- Psalm 67.

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