February 14, 2007

words on a page

Traveling for 6 weeks has afforded me many hours of transit time in which to catch up on reading. Here are some books that I've completed or in the middle of as we speak. It's really an addiction.

Tuesdays with Morrie- good, read it in a coffee shop in Kolkata in a few hours.

Life of Pi- highly recommended, I bought it in India (it's filled with Indian culture) and read it on the beach in 2 days. The setting is the Pacific Ocean, so the words really came alive as I stared at the Andaman Sea in front of me.

Freakonomics- insightful, made me feel like I was a business student again. I don't know if I believe it's insights, but overall worth the read.

The Great Divorce- allegorical, but had some great points. I think I'll re-read it today. Super small, but I'm sure I missed some C.S. Lewis nuggets.

TIME Magazine- an issue about the future of China and America's relationship. I read the entire thing cover to cover. There are no such issues in China, had to pick it up in Hong Kong.

Rivertown- a book about a young American guy that teaches English with the Peace Corp in China along the Yangtze. The experiences he has really mirror mine, but I think his setting descriptions can be too lengthy at times.

Catcher in the Rye- an old favorite of mine. I love the voice of Holden, maybe I have a crush on him? ;)

Reaching Out- I pretty much love Henri Nouwen's writing. Themes definitely overlap from Compassion, but I enjoy his insight.

The Good Book- read through 1 Peter, 2 Peter, James, 1 John, and I'll re-read Hebrews (we studied it all semester together). Also reading Luke, but not as consistently as I'd like.

Lastly, it's been great to journal! Trying to get the words down about the numerous adventures has been difficult, but great to look back on those first few days in India.

Any literary suggestions? I plan on hitting up a book store before flying out of Hong Kong, so please offer input!


James Rosenberg said...

re-read heavenly man!
and i also recommend catch 22 or any hemingway book; the sun also rises, for whom the bell tolls. when you back in china???

ARicks said...

i definitely need to re-read heavenly man! now i'm working on tozer's 'pursuit of GoD' and foster's 'celebration of discipline'. i'll be back in China on the 23rd or 24th of February, but later if i meet Josh Boys in Hong Kong. when exactly do you leave for 7 weeks in south america?

Kate said...

oh sweet alli jo. i'm reading and recommend 'the signature of jesus' by brennan manning, about radical discipleship. 'mountains beyond mountains' is also essential, about a radical doctor paul farmer revolutionizing the treatment of tb in haiti. well i love you!!

cor-ster said...

ugh just read chapter two in 'pursuit' last night and it hit home...good stuff. love you girl!

ARicks said...

Kate: I have yet to read any of Brennan Manning's books. Maybe I'm un-hip? But I did buy some cheap adorable loafers in Hong Kong- does that compensate for my literary lackings? I'm going to a C-bookstore tomorrow so I'll pick up "Signature of J". I trust your recommendations, friend.

Cori: Pursuit is pursuing me as well. Thanks for the long message today- I didn't understand you or Jen much, but your voices were enough. I want to talk to you about the book when you're done, k?