May 28, 2007

you've got mail

Tonight after a long walk, I sat down for an American movie.
Some people, after spending time overseas, come back and sit in judgment of their culture. I think I'm going to come back and embrace it. Sure, I recognize America has it's faults. While watching the classic chick flick "You've Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, I found myself really missing America.
Ah...Tree-lined streets, coffee shops, street fairs, bookstores, Thanksgiving, Christmas, huge public libraries, people walking dogs (not eating them!), diversity, English-speaking (ha ha). Anyway, I'm looking forward to the USA.
I fly back June 26th. That night a group of us are going to the Anaheim Angels baseball game- how's that for re-emergence? Then there'll be transfer meeting at Azusa Pacific on the 27th, and finally late on the night of the 27th I'll head to San Diego.
Friends that were dating are now engaged, co-workers have gotten different jobs, roommates have graduated and gotten 'real jobs', friends have moved, businesses have closed. I don't really know the extent of change, but I'm excited to see each ounce of it. See you in 29 days, that's less than a month!


cor-ster said...

real jobs...psssh, who does that?
cant wait see you girl
and my smile looks so forced...something like "who the heck is this freaker on my lap"

ARicks said...

i know, real jobs are overrated! can't wait to see you two freakers at the same time. talk about excitement! saying goodbye to China friends and hello to you ladies at the same time, it'll be a lot of emotion. i'll probably break out in the 'bill!' dance. and no one wants that.
somehow in the middle of 108 degree humidity, i got a COLD! how is that possible?!

James Rosenberg said...

no bill dance! we want the horse walk!

ARicks said...

Ok, these are the options- Bill dance, Golddigger dance, or Snap dance (an old classic). James, why are you asking for 'horse walk'? You're not supposed to request the horse walk, it's meant to embarrass you.

Mr. Michael K. said...

Alli. You don't get a cold from being in the cold. You get a cold from infection, not washing your hands, that sort of thing.

Kate said...

wwwooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! i'm so excited i could eat my fist! (but i'll resist so i can touch your forehead upon return)