January 27, 2008

Randomly Meeting Matt's in Asia

Meeting Number 1:
I was horribly jet-lagged from two weeks in America and found myself wide awake at 4AM in Hong Kong. I threw on a hoodie and some shoes and went for a sunrise walk through Kowloon and HK Island. One of my favorite spots in HK is the Pacific Coffee near the Central Station, exit J2 in the Financial district. I walked there and along the way saw the paper delivery routes of hundreds of workers. It was pretty amazing to see hundreds of thousands of newspapers being distributed. (That was a sidenote, and regretfully I was too embarrassed to be a picture-taking tourist. I felt like pretending to be a local.) Pacific Coffee offers free internet, so after checking my email in an empty coffee shop I decided to browse some of my favorite blogs, one of them being that of my friend, Matt Slack. He's one of the most honest/hilarious writers I know. His blog talked about being in Hong Kong for just one night, among other funny things. I emailed him and we met up. So random that we were both on a HK stop-over. I took him to Victoria Peak and he met my China friends. When we were there, I ran into another friend, Michael, that I didn't plan on seeing! Jaw-dropping, I know.

Meeting Number 2:
Early yesterday morning my friends and I took at tuk-tuk to Angkor Wat (in Cambodia) for what they call "Sunrise at the Wat". When I got there I realized that the battery on my camera was dead! Huge bummer when you're at a 'world wonder'. So I ran to the motorbike guys and asked one of them to drive me to our hotel so I could get my back-up battery. Needless to say, I was bumming that I couldn't capture the Wat Sunrise with my trusty little Canon. My friends explored for an hour while I was zipping through Cambodian early morning traffic with the most impressive motorbike driver I've ever met.
When I got back, we walked through the Wat, sat and journaled, and took in the vast ruins. (I'll post pictures soon.) As we were leaving through one of the many exits, I happened to look over to my left and there was an old friend, Matt. Matt and I were both a part of a CCC Tsunami Relief trip in 2005. There were only 8 total Californians on the trip (there's a pattern of Californians sticking together) and they put us in charge of digging and constructing latrines (that's a fancy word for toilets.) Anyway, in the dead center of Cambodia in the middle of January, there was Matt with his wife! We chatted for a little while and they're actually coming through China this summer, spending 6 months touring around Asia! I look forward to hearing about 6 months of Asian adventures.

Anyway, this probably isn't very exciting for you unless you know them.. and I guess the only person that knows both people is Vince Garvey. So there it is, Vince. Pretty cool, huh?

Just makes me think that jet-lag and a forgotten battery aren't really set-backs afterall.

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