November 11, 2008

The Power of 1.

It might be November 11th and Veteran's Day here in the States, but today a billion people are celebrating the Chinese holiday of Single's Day.

11-11, four 1's in a row, for all the single people to have a day. Perhaps it's a Chinese protest to it's 3 month older cousin, Valentine's Day?

Today, if you're young and single (or old and single for that matter...sorry for the age discrimination)'s your day, and you didn't even know it.

Pat yourself on the back, toast yourself for a great year, and then tuck yourself into bed tonight! It's your day!


Pearly said...

i didnt know they celebrated that! hahaha funny things the chinese come up with... thanks for sharing this interesting day. i'll have to tell my friends in Singapore!

Katester said...

You could have at least tucked me in so I didn't feel so bad . . .