December 27, 2006

out of service

The internet in China is down, southern China for sure. Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan (and myself in little Nanchang) cannot communicate with the outside world. A couple nights ago there was an earthquake off the coast of China near Taiwan. It was a 7.1 and damaged many of the underwater data cables in the oceans between China and the rest of world. We haven't had email during the last couple days. And it seems the only surviving things are those related to Google. So, my gmail (Google email) account works and so does Blogger (which is now owned by Google). Big bummer because I wasn't able to call Christmas night or today (the 27th in the US) when my family gathers together at Grandma's for Christmas.
We actually felt the earthquake here, but justified the shaking because our guy teammates were dancing in their apartment to Vanilla Ice. They'll be embarrassed that I posted that on the internet.
They say it will be 2-3 weeks before it is fixed. If you call me on Skype, it sounds like I'm underwater. Ironic huh?
It seems we're going old school for the next 2-3 weeks, write me a snail mail letter. Or email me at my gmail account. ;)


Anonymous said...

this is Mikayla's Mom. I'm so sorry you guys don't have email right now. Tell Mikayla that I had just sent her a bunch of Christmas pictures and banking info, etc. Ask her to open a gmail account and email me or something! Do you have any other ideas for communicating?

M said...

Hey Mom-
This is Mikayla! I'm okay! You can comment on MY blog too...also, if you access my Hotmail account you can send Alli's G-mail the account opening info, so I can open a G-mail soon too. Love you!