July 28, 2008

packing for peking

i've been stateside for just over a month and now i'm heading back to the land of mandarin-speaking, chopstick-eating, smog-choking, beijing living.

activities include: the beijing olympics.

august 1-12: showing my uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, and 80 year old grandma (cuenta lo!)all the joys, thrills and sights of beijing.
august 12-15: r&r in the suburb of huairou.
august 15-26: hanging out with some infamous college friends- vince and james. bronze medal soccer in shanghai among other things.

my goal is to try and keep the ole blogger updated on a daily basis...yikes!

i haven't packed a thing...but i got an apartment in little italy/south mission hills. a real beaut! house warming party upon my return.


Katester said...

Um, I'm going to need you to run all parties by me from now on. Haha, just kidding! But in light of that, we need to buy a hammock to put in the back yard. We'll get our hammock deck if we have to make it ourselves, dang it! Oh! And can we get walkie talkies for when you're in the hammock and I'm in the breakfast nook and I need to see if you need a refill on your mimosa!? ;)

R said...

Fantastic! I hope you get interviewed by Chinese media while you're there.

ARicks said...

Rachel, I love the thought of us in our pajamas, with the news crew showing up at our front door to give you back the wallet you lost in the taxi. Only in China.