July 7, 2008

pictures of childhood

I was a cute kid, not gonna lie. But I've found a couple themes, while sorting through a large box of childhood photos. Every picture can fall into one of the following categories.

1. Forced picture with a gift for a long-distance relative: Basically, I'm holding up a new dress or other Fed-Ex'd gift, giving a reluctant smile (no teeth), and have a hand on my hip. I'm usually squinting, not because it's sunny, but because I'm trying to convey the pain of the forced action. These pictures were taken for the dozens of family members in California, that spoiled the first grandchild in the family. What an ungrateful child!

2. Military stance mixed with excitement: Long straight brown hair with straight-across bangs, ruffles/bows/flowers/ribbon dress, arms straight by my sides, and huge "I can't stand like this a second more, all I want to do is hula-hoop!" smile.

3. Swim-suit shot: I'm convinced that 88% of my childhood was spent in a bath suit. Living in 'Lauderdale by the Sea' steps from the Atlantic, with an adorable black lab named Sheena, a bright red convertible Volkswagen Bug, and an unlimited supply of bikinis.

4. Nakie with cowboy boots on: It seems post-beach, I liked to get out of the bathing suit, put on my birthday suit and my cowboy boots. Now one or two of these would be cute, but I have dozens over a span of 0-5 years old. Seriously, what's that about?

5. Young and in love: During my same cowboy boot phase I was also having a serious relationship with a young man named Alex Pacman. Our moms were friends. Pictures include sitting side by side, swimming, birthdays, and roller-skating.

6. Narcky shot: It's late in the day, I'm tired, but I want to stay where the action is. So instead of admitting defeat, I continue to 'pretend' that I'm awake, while getting some great rest (in the middle of the action). That way, if something really exciting happens, I'll wake up. These pictures look like I'm completely disinterested in the activity (even my own birthday party). The reality is that I just swam for 8 hours, or rocked out in my cowboy boots, and I'm exhausted. My mom must have found these moments particularly endearing because I'm finding dozens.

I promise to scan and post an example of each for your entertainment. Sidenote: Former roommates and other close friends, I realize that I'm still a narky.


Mikayla said...

can't wait to see these!

R said...

we know, alli jo. we know. movie watching after 8 p.m.= out cold

Carly said...

hahaha yeah as a former roomie, it wasn't the Narcoleptic tendencies that were so disturbing though those were a hoot...it was the 'nakie with cowboy boots on' time you would take after swimming at our apartment complex pool that threw us for a loop. after the intervention, these events subsided. :) j/k