August 5, 2008

Just pick the best kisser...duh.

At the moment I'm sitting on the couch next to my 12 year old cousin Amellia. We've walked many kilometers today and we're resting before a Kung Fu show tonight. She's reading an insightful novel titled "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers". She's really secretive about the content, but I 'snatched' it a couple minutes ago. The only line I managed to read (before being attacked) was "Just pick the best kisser, Nina said" If I'm ever torn between two great guys, I'll just remember Nina's advice.

I've been immersed into the world of two California teens (10 and 12 year old girls) and it's been kind of refreshing. Phrases like 'IDK' (I don't know), 'perf' (perfect), 'that's haut!' (adopted from the brilliant Paris Hilton) and many others fill our conversations. Last night while falling asleep on the couch I even took part in a giggle-fest. Are we ever too old for that? I hope not.

After a full two years in China, I find it interesting to see the culture through another's eyes. Amellia noticed that boyfriends carry their girlfriends purses almost immediately. We tease Daisy that she's running for mayor of Beijing. Her blonde hair and blue eyes attract stares, but she turns them around into a chance to make friends. She grins, waves, and happily obliges to all photo opportunities.

The photo ops were especially abundant today as we made our way through Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. At one point, we were approached by the Phoenix NBC news crew and interviewed about our time in Beijing during what can only be called Olympics Madness. During their interview, Lori and Johnny kindly called me their 'lifeline' in China. Super kind of them. I remember my first months here and being immensely grateful for people that translated for me. After the lifeline title was given, the Action 12 news asked me a few questions about living in China/language/Olympics. So IF you live in Phoenix and IF you watch NBC, you'll find our faces on your screen.

I'll close with another line from "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers" that Amellia allowed limited access to after I told her I was including her in my blog.

"Nina, am I a used Band-Aid?"
"Uh, no." Nina's eyes were fixed on the soccer players.
"Then why did you just rip me off?"

I'll have to remember that line.


chinadventure said...

Wow, this is great!

Jane Sidley said...

remember at jgs reading that book?
Daisy daisy daisy getting all of the attention! haha i cant wait to see you on tv! haha
so you guys are teaching ali jo code uh?
i love all you guys and hope u are having a great time!!