August 26, 2008

Zaijian Zhongguo.

That's Mandarin for "Goodbye China". After two years of calling this country 'home', I'm jumping on an airplane and heading back to the States, more specifically San Diego. No more Chinese visas, or Chinese buses, or authentic Chinese food. Thousands of thoughts are running through my mind, but what stands out most is the people. I'm going to miss my Chinese friends tremendously. Their hospitality, their sense of humor, their kindness towards me, and their loyalty.
I don't know the next time I'll step onto Chinese soil, could be next year, could be ten years from now. But I'm thankful for these beautiful friendships and the opportunities that I had for growth because of them.


Mikayla said...

Beautiful picture. Wo ai Zhongguo. Wo ai Tracy, Alli and Claire.

R said...

What an epic two years! Lots of growth, lots of change, lots of Chinese hair cuts and rounds of tang su li ji. Did you get to see Trac this time?

ARicks said...

Yeah! I met up with them in Hangzhou for a day in late August. We rode bikes around the West Lake and had Japanese noodles for dinner. I also corrupted them with Starbucks. Coffee Talk comes full circle, Mikayla.