May 8, 2008

Jump Into the Love River

I'm sitting Indian-style on my bed, wearing a pink Wheaton shirt and drinking some Oregon Chai.
I didn't realized the significance of Indian-style until I was sitting on a floor in India last winter in a tribal area, eating off of woven leaves...and it hit me.. Indian style. Mindlessly we pick up language, without realizing what it means. For example- in English we say we're "falling in love". In China they say they're "jumping into the love river". I love that. I'm jumpin' in, not to be confused with a catchy Steven Curtis Chapman song. (Apologies if you're now humming the tune).
The Wheaton shirt is comical. I didn't go to Wheaton, it was sent to me in a care package by a former teammate, Mikayla Hoffman. I don't wish I went to Wheaton, I'm proud I went to SDSU...despite it's current smearing on the news. This week over 100 people were arrested as part of an extensive drug ring at my alma mater. Six fraternities have been suspended, and ties have been made to the Mexican mafia. I'm not surprised, the subculture on campus was not really covert. I'll be interesting to see what comes of all this. Now we're the Rubio's Fish tacos, drug ring university.. great.
And Oregon Chai.. what a treat! I've been holding on to this goodie for months, waiting for a cloudy afternoon and some time to savor it. I'm just going to come out and say it- care packages are better than the sum of their contents. They are a package of caring. I've watched a group of sane Americans in China, go crazy. Now, don't misinterpret this as a plea. I'm leaving China in 7 weeks, packages wouldn't reach me in time. But James and Vince are in Thailand for the next 7 months and Schwenk is in Africa. Write a letter, send a few things- you'll likely make their day. If you need tips, contact the Wielands.. they're the best package preparers.
In other news, The Weepies have a new album titled Hideaway, and it's gold.


Katester said...

I love the jumping in analogy, and yes, you're right, I know have that stupid song in my head. :) Ah, Oregon chai . . . even a treat to feel like I'm "back home" when in San Diego.

Anonymous said...


Glad you wear that biz. You know you wish you went to Wheaton....

Love you friend! Thanks for the shout out!