May 13, 2008

looking forward

As these two years in China come to a close, I know it's a good idea to both reflect on the past as well as look forward to the future. Here's some things I'm looking forward to...

*Sunsets! I picture a late afternoon reading a book at La Jolla Shores and then a San Diego sunset..sigh...I crave sunsets daily. Beijing smog affords one every 3 months, and it doesn't hold a candle to California.

*My mom, the Debster. Laughing a lot, crying through made-for-TV movies, playing cards/Scrabble, belting Rod Stewart lyrics, and getting pedicures. Our upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon is sure to be memorable.

*Couch time at 5111 with Cori, Jen, Mullins, Lovas, Teeny, and Ann..each in our unsaid, but assumed spots on the huge green couch.

*Reading the Fresno Bee newspaper at my grandma's diningroom table, eating Cheerios, and discussing all things Republican including some Rush Limbaugh zingers coming from the kitchen.

*Riding bikes through Gaslamp, along the embarcadero, to Hillcrest to have sushi at Ichiban with friends.

*Live music at Lulu's/Poetry slams/Flood worship with Kate and Shawn.

*Singing in the Previa with Sean, no music on because his radio is broken (insert beat-boxing, and laughter)

*A good haircut, let's be honest.

*Riding the San Diego trolley, I would say driving, but I don't have a car anymore and CNN has told me the price of gas. My friends, that's more per gallon than high quality orange juice.

*Spending an afternoon watching Kaitlyn and Emyle with Josh. Along with random marital advice from Russian grandma Boonya Frances.

*Coffee with Carly, Lo, and Lisa. People watching, catching up, being honest.

*Teaching swim lessons to adorable, yet utterly terrified kids.

*Seeing Mikayla and Rachel in their element in the great mid-west! Gosh, this could not come any sooner. These girls are pure gold.

*Thanksgiving in Malibu, surrounded by dozens of amazing family members, and a traditional fierce game of Spoons.

*Attending the 4th Annual project:connect this November. Wow, times flies.

*Cynthia- singing in the car, playing Dr. Mario, eating Mexican food, and talking about everything under the sun.

*A long walk through Balboa Park, with stops in museums along the way.

This, by no means, concludes my list. As I look at it, it's just another reminder that it's all about relationships. I truly feel blessed in that area.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you, friend!