May 6, 2008

Sunlight for the first time

24 years in darkness. 24 years of fear, rape, and imprisonment. I'm referring to the developing story out of Austria- where a 73 year old man kept his daughter underground from the ages of 18-42 and had 7 children with her. What a horrible, dark existence. I've been shocked by this story and have loosely followed it with my limited online news sources. I'm reminded that we live in a fallen world, and more-so the depths of His grace. If Josef Fritzl repented and believed, he too, could experience full and complete grace. Is that hard to swallow? I've been chewing on it for awhile.
I wonder what it's like for an 18 year old who has spent his entire life underground. I've read articles on about the two boys screaming in delight as they passed cars, experienced sunlight, and saw other humans.
I wonder, what's their concept of the world? What are their thoughts on the Creator? When all you know is captivity, what does instant freedom feel like?
The questions abound, I would be interested to hear your thoughts/questions and any updates that you've gotten on the other side of the ocean. Is this a big headline in the US?


Lucy said...

it's a sickening story to say the least. Fritzl claiming the children to be his grandchildren who were left at his doorstep, his daughter running off.... he was allowed to adopt although a convicted sex offender- no background took place. when a prostitute refuses their services as in his case... something is very wrong.wrong and sick. he has a wife... who took care of the 3 children.. his daughter in the dungeon w/ the other 3, unknown to his wife. the eldest child is still in a coma--what brought this all to light.
but in regards for it being big news in the US- it's not, really. it was hardly on the first day or so. i've come to find that news in the states is here for us, but we have to research it or read about it daily to keep up. people are so plugged to their own lives and ipods that they remain unplugged to the world and it's news. this and the cyclone...i've read on articles and newspapers outside of the states, on bbc or sites. sadly but true.

Vince Garvey said...

first time hearing for me was right here on this blog...

although i wish i could express sadness if not sheer justified hatred of such sinful actions my mind convinces my heart that this is unfortunately nothing new.

I agree with you al's, questions do about about the why' single answer more pertinent than "we are a fallen race" rings true. Only in a world divided from it's creator can such a thing occur. And only in a church that is divided from it's creator can such aggressions remain unchallenged...indeed these types of things exist everywhere, only this was a small single case whereas the atrocities plagueing area like Darfur, Burma, Turkmenistan, etc. occur on a much wider scale.

For me the question i ask is where are we? We being the church...

To answer your questions though man what a crazy concept to try and jump into...i imagine everything must be relearned after such captivity. Even something as simple as walking perhaps...walking in light (not diestic light, but like light light, you know, from a lamp or the sun or something) walking on a sidewalk, all common functions we do everyday are all of a sudden inadequate when thrown into the metropolitan. Instant freedom? Maybe too hard for someone like us to understand...

ARicks said...

Lucy, thanks for your comments. I pray for those kids often and for some reason I can't get this story out of my head. I think of walking outside right now (with their experiences filling my mind) and experiencing civilization for the first time. To be shocked at lightning, to see the ocean, watch a sunrise. These things will fascinate them.

Vince, you're right.. atrocities occur all over the world, and there are countless stories of injustice and horror and need. Speaking of which, I'm waiting for someone to ask us to go to Burma, are you in? We're relief work compadres and we're both so close. Just Cause Coffee needs to get off the ground sooner than later.

Let me include this link that will hopefully do a better job of telling the full story that I referenced above.