January 7, 2006


When I moved to San Diego in late 2002, the freshman dorms were full. Where does a freshman that knows no one live? I was willing to move in with complete strangers, but then another offer came from my friend, Anya. She had a cousin that lived in Vista (40ish miles north of SDSU) that had a spare bedroom that she'd rent to me. So as a freshman I commuted to school and lived with Denise (a newly single mom) and her two little girls Kaitlyn 2 and Emyle 5. I was only supposed to live in Vista for a few months, but we got along so well, that I spent my entire freshman year there. The girls could not be more different in terms of personality- Kaitlyn is fierce, bold, and hilarious. Emyle is graceful, gentle, and thoughtful. I was there for Kaitlyn's first words and Emyle's first dance recital. When I finally did move down to San Diego into an apartment of 4 college girls, I missed my Vista family. It felt like moving to college all over again. Denise and I kept in touch- she'd check up on me and 'get the scoop' about my personal life.. offering advice and funny anecdotes of the recent happenings in Kaitlyn's and Emyle's activities. I'd drive up to their house often for a homecooked meal and a reality check; bringing friends with me to share the fun. My friend Josh came with me one time a couple years ago and has been coming ever since. They love him.
So last night Josh and I went up to Vista again. I haven't been able to visit often because I'm without a car this semester. We walked into the biggest welcome, attacked with hugs and a revolving presentation of new toys that we could play with. Josh immediately grabbed a play phone and pretended to call Emyle's boyfriend, JJ. She laid on the couch, blushing with a face over her pillow- oh, 8 year old love. We had dinner, played Disney's 'Scene It' (streaming tears of laughter throughout the night), and left pretty late.
I realized on the drive home last night how grateful I am in that whole situation. When I found out the dorms were full, I was devastated. I didn't know how the situation could be positive- but I couldn't be more excited to watch these two girls grow up.

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