January 2, 2006

things I love

In my condo there is a super fast elevator. Before I even moved in this summer, my friend Becky and I rode it for the first time. It takes you from the first floor to the eleventh in less than a minute (although I've never timed it.) That feeling of moving upward so fast is hard to describe, but as the elevator door opened on the eleventh floor Becky exclaimed, "That felt like falling in love!". I've never been in love before, but I trust Becky. Some background on Becky Stout- everything is tons more fun around her. I strongly dislike moping and doing dishes, but I wouldn't mind doing them with Becky. She's a dance and Spanish major, studying abroad this year in Spain. She said the love comment because this summer she had a giant crush on her San Diego salsa instructor. Typing about her right now makes me miss her dearly. We've been to New York, Boston, Maine, and Mexico together. We both love theatre and singing aloud to Mariah Carey... which got me thinking... although I've never been in love, there are things and people I love. I'm going to start a running list of things that I love..

1. Sitting on my balcony with coffee super early in the morning
2. Watching rain fall
3. My study snack: gummy bears and sparkling cider
4. When the Padres beat the Giants and Jordan Harris avoids my victory phone call
5. Kettner Nights, the Little Italy art galleries stay open and the artists come to talk about their art. I love going with Lisa.
6. Thursday morning coffee at It's a Grind with Lisa- where no subject is off limits.
7. Riding my yellow beach cruiser
8. When my grandmother, trying to get your attention, says everyone else's name before finally arriving at yours with a sigh and a grin.
9. U2
10. When Cynthia and I laugh so hard that tears well up, eyes are squinted, body is bent and shaking, and all is silent and finally the 'ugly laugh' emerges, which just sends us into more laughter
11. Down comforters

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